Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG neu alleinige Aktionärin der Casino Bad Ragaz AG

Bad Ragaz und Zürich, 31. August 2023 Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG neu alleinige Aktionärin der Casino Bad Ragaz AG Die beiden Aktionäre Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG und ACE SWISS Holding AG haben sich geeinigt, die Beteiligung der ACE SWISS Holding AG als bisherige Minderheitsaktionärin an der Casino Bad Ragaz AG an die Grand […]

Casino Interlaken AG mit neuer Eigentümerstruktur

Interlaken und Zürich, 11. Juli 2023 Casino Interlaken AG mit neuer Eigentümerstruktur Die beiden Aktionäre der Casino Interlaken AG haben sich geeinigt, den 18% Anteil der ACE SWISS Holding AG an die Kursaal Interlaken Holding AG zu veräussern. Nach dem erfolgreichen Einstieg in das Online-Geschäft und einer strategischen Neuausrichtung der ACE SWISS Gruppe, ist das […]

Neues Admiral Casino – Wichtiges Puzzleteil für den Freizeitcluster St. Gallen-West

Zurich, May 15, 2023 New Admiral Casino - Important Puzzle Piece for the St. Gallen Leisure Cluster St. Gallen-West has the potential to become a leisure cluster with a new casino as a key element. The planned casino would have many advantages for the region. These include synergy effects and an economic benefit through estimated added value of almost CHF 70 million [...]

Casinò Locarno SA neu zu 100% im Besitz der Stadtcasino Baden AG

Zurich, May 2, 2023 Casinò Locarno SA now 100% owned by Stadtcasino Baden AG The two shareholders of Casinò Locarno SA have agreed to sell the remaining 19% stake held by ACE SWISS Holding AG to Stadtcasino Baden AG. After a transitional phase, this will complete the takeover of the site initiated in September 2022 [...]

Wie in St. Gallen-West ein attraktiver Freizeitcluster entstehen kann

Zurich, May 2023 How an attractive leisure cluster can be created in St. Gallen-West The area from the Shopping Arena to the Säntispark in Abtwil, is well on its way to becoming a real shopping and leisure cluster. A new ADMIRAL Casino in St. Gallen-West would be an important, still missing offer. "Cluster" is a central term of any location promotion. [...]

ACE SWISS Holding AG verkauft Mehrheitsanteil an Casinò Locarno SA

Zurich, September 5, 2022 ACE SWISS Holding AG sells majority stake in Casinò Locarno SA The ACE SWISS Group sells a majority stake of 81% in Casinò Locarno SA to Stadtcasino Baden AG. The parties have agreed not to disclose the sale price. Under the changed ownership structure, Casino Locarno will submit the application [...]

Neuvergabe Spielbankenkonzessionen

Zurich, June 3, 2022 Re-award of casino licenses: Application for B concessions The two subsidiaries of ACE Casino Holding AG, Casinò Admiral SA and Casinò Locarno SA are certainly applying again for a B concession for Casino Mendrisio and for Casino Locarno as part of the reallocation of casino concessions. Since 2002, the ACE Casino Holding provides through the casinos in [...]